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Resource List -- Spanish-Language ACEs Science Resources

This is just the start of this list of Spanish-language resources. If you have resources that you think belong on this list, please provide that information in a comment. Thank you!

This resource list is organized in alphabetical order.

Arizona ACE Consortium  
Description: [website] In 2007, an Arizona think tank began to determine what could be done based on the ACE study findings. This think tank has evolved into the AZ ACE Consortium. The site provides numerous resources to "train the trainer" and includes materials translated into Spanish.
Ayudando a Niños(as) y Familias a Enfrentarse con el Trauma  
Description: [PDF] [Helping Young Children and Families Cope with Trauma] A guide for families and caregivers to help children exposed to trauma.

Breve Información Sobre el Duelo Traumático Infantil, 2008
Description: [PDF] [Brief Information on Childhood Traumatic Grief] This brief information guide to Childhood Traumatic Grief summarizes some of the material from the “In-Depth General Information Guide to Childhood Traumatic Grief,” which can be found at

Breve Información Sobre el Duelo Traumático Infantil Para Personal de la Escuela, 2008
Description: [PDF] [Brief Information on Childhood Traumatic Grief for School Personnel] This information sheet summarizes material found in the “In-Depth General Information Guide to Childhood Traumatic Grief” and “In-Depth Information on Childhood Traumatic Grief for School Personnel,” available at

Caja de Herramientas Para Educadores Para el Manejo de Trauma Infantil, 2008
Description: [PDF] [Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators] This kit outlines trauma facts; the physiological and behavioral impact of trauma in preschool, elementary, middle, and high school; and self-care tips.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University Resource Library      Description: A collection of trauma-related resources translated into Spanish. Sign up for their mailing service to be notified of newly released resources.

Communidades Fuertes Educan Niños Fuertes, 2011
Description: [PPT] [Strong Communities Raise Strong Kids]  Arizona Regional Child Abuse Prevention Councils.

Cual es el puntuage de mi ACE (Experiencias Adversas Durante la Niñez)?2011
Description: [PDF] [What is my ACE Score?] The ACE survey translated into Spanish.

ESTRÉS Y EL DESARROLLO TEMPRANO DEL CEREBRO: Entendiendo las experiencias adversas en la infancia (ACE)

Description: [PDF] This handout from the Community & Family Services Division at the Spokane (WA) Regional Health District describes adverse childhood experiences produce toxic stress that can damage a child’s brain and affect learning and behavior.

Loma Linda University Whole Child Assessment, 2016
Description: Attached to this blog post is the Whole Child Assessment, which is being used by pediatricians to screen for ACEs at Loma Linda University. It is available in English and Spanish.

Niños pequeño, retos grandes: Encarcelamiento

Description: [clip] [Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration] This video clip from Sesame Street offers some tools to help with the changes a child is going through when dealing with the incarceration of a loved one.

Power and Control Wheel for Latina Survivors, 2016
Description: [webinar and handouts] For Latina survivors and our immigrant community, important power and control issues to recognize include racism, isolation, and the use of documentation issues, laws and regulations, employment status, residency, citizenship, children and family as forms of power and control. This webinar will discuss these issues in detail and hear personal stories from Latina survivors on how they navigated leaving their abusers while not having legal status. Presented by Latina Survivors from Proyecto Esperanza and San Diego VOICES.

You can find additional webinar materials, including the Power and Control Wheel handout, here.

ACEs Connection Network gratefully acknowledges the Family Justice Center Alliance, a program of Alliance for HOPE International, for allowing us to reproduce, in part or in whole, the Power and Control Wheel for Latina Survivors.

Social and physical environments early in development predict DNA methylation of inflammatory genes in young adulthood, 2017
Description: This study investigates environmental conditions early in development that can cause inflammation in adulthood. [McDade, Thomas W., et al. "Social and physical environments early in development predict DNA methylation of inflammatory genes in young adulthood." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114.29 (2017): 7611-7616.]

You may also find a link to an article (in English and Spanish) published on about this research.

Trastorno Traumático del Desarrollo: una nueva propuesta diagnostic2012
Description: [PDF] [Developmental Trauma Disorder: a new diagnostic approach] This article presents the criteria proposed by a team of academics led by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk to include a category that represents adequately the many consequences of chronic exposure to early, interpersonal trauma.


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