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Representing youth impacted by the stress & stigma of parental addiction


In Canada, 1/6 youth are exposed to a parent's addiction, and stigma prevents many parents from recovery. This stigma has detrimental consequences on the health and well-being of impacted youth.

As such, we are excited to introduce Starlings Community Youth Advisory Committee.


It is the vision of the Starlings Community Youth council to represent the voices of youth who have been impacted by the stigma of a parent’s substance use within the provincial and federal supports and policies that impact them.

If you are a youth 28 years old and younger, who has been impacted by parental addiction, or an ally to impacted youth and would like to join, please email  or

The Starlings Community Report indicating gaps in the literature, services, and policies comes out in 2 weeks. Subscribe to our newsletter at to be the first to read it.

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