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Mom's Behavior Affects Bonding Hormone Oxytocin in Babies []


By Traci Pederson, PsychCentral, November 1, 2019

Research has shown that a new mom’s oxytocin levels can influence her behavior, and as a result, the bond she makes with her baby. Now a new epigenetic study suggests that a mom’s behavior can also have a substantial impact on her child’s developing oxytocin system.

Oxytocin is a vital hormone involved in social interaction and bonding in humans. It strengthens trust and closeness in relationships and can be triggered by eye contact, empathy or pleasant touch.

“It is well known that oxytocin is actively involved in early social, perceptual, and cognitive processes, and that it influences complex social behaviors,” says Tobias Grossmann from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS) in Leipzig, Germany.

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