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How Colleges Can Support Students Who Are Parents []


By James McConchie, Greater Good Magazine, July 21, 2021

When most people think of college, they might imagine a bunch of single young adults living wild and free—and possibly going to class from time to time. But this is far from the reality. The average age of a college student is around 26, and many students already have families of their own.

While colleges typically focus on helping students prepare for a career, one university wants to make sure that students with children are prepared for their role as parents.

University Village, family student housing at the University of California, Berkeley, is supporting its student-parents by providing parenting and character development skill building. But it’s not just about helping residents to be better parents. “We want to normalize the challenges with parenting while providing positive parenting tips and fun activities to increase parent-child relationships,” says Zenaida Hernandez, a licensed social worker who runs the program at University Village, which is one of the Greater Good Science Center’s 16 parenting initiative grantees.

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