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COVID-19 is Making Kids Anxious: What Can Parents Do? (Positive Parenting)


“I’ve tried to give them permission to be upset because this is not a fun time,” shared Cynthia Soliz.

These days, Cynthia Soliz, like many other parents, is not just mom to 11-year old Anthony and 6-year old Petra, she is also a full-time cook, teacher, camp counselor and psychologist to her kids. And her time is stretched thin.

“We know that this is a time where families are extremely stressed, as are their children,” said Jessica Bartlett, Ph.D.

Developmental Scientist, Jessica Bartlett, says children are more vulnerable to the emotional impact of traumatic events that disrupt their daily lives. Some children may be irritable or clingy, and some may regress, and demand extra attention. Parents can protect their children’s physical and emotional health by practicing the three R’s: routines, regulation and reassurance.

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