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Check out PACEs Connection's new Resource Center!


We did a massive overhaul of our Resource Center.

Why it matters: You can find articles, research, reports about PACEs science, practice and policy MUCH more easily.

Why we did it: The structure of the old Resource Center wasn't working very well, the content was out-of-date, and useful information was difficult to find.

How we did it:  With the old Resource Center, we were pretty much trying to fit a square peg into a round hole—we adapted a community page on our social network platform to categorize and display resources. But, after 10 years of adding content, that approach wasn't working very well.

Then we found Springshare, which calls itself, aptly, a "librarian-first platform for a digital-first world". We actually found it twice: once in 2014 when I began looking for a solution, knowing that we'd eventually need one when we could afford it. And then, last year, after I finally remembered their name, we could afford a new platform, and we had a couple of staff members who had time to manage the Resource Center.

How we manage it: The two people who did the heavy lifting to sift through and reorganize all the info on the old Resource Center for the last six or seven months manage it: Rafael Maravilla, our network manager who is the Resource Center director; and Natalie Audage, family and community resources lead, who's the manager.


How it's organized: All the categories in the Resource Center are displayed in the left column. Click on a category of interest, and a page opens up with detailed lists. In the PACES Science Surveys section, we get fancy: Surveys are laid out in a searchable spreadsheet, whose columns can be reconfigured, which provides different views of the data, with links. The blue arrows indicate the survey you select; click on that and a box drops down with more information. How cool is that?

How we add content:  Our primary sources are our Daily Digest, Weekly Roundup and you, the valued members of our community. Our PACEs Connection staff are always finding new reports, articles and research. Natalie and Rafael comb through that information daily. If you have a research publication, report or article you think belongs in the Resource Center contact Natalie at or Rafael at



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