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ACES and Protective Factors: Effects on Parent Involvement: Webinar by Circle of Parents


There were some technical difficulties in a few spots in this webinar but if you can hang in through that there's some great content on how ACEs education helps parenting and parental engagement in the Circle of Parents programs, shown with data as well as observation. This webinar is hosted by Circle of Parents as part of a series on parental engagement, involvement and leadership.



A few quotes:

Professional  Working with Parents about ACEs Education

"It seemed to be a catalyst for improvement. They seemed to be more determined. It reduced a lot of guilt..."

"We presented it as more of a common health issue rather than a dysfunctional behavior." 

Parent about ACEs Education 

"It was really enlightening. Looking back I never associated all of that (mother's depression, father's absence, drinking of parent) with where I ended up as an adult.... "

"....realized what an impact I have (as a parent)."

"as a result of this study I understand my parents."

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