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A Childhood Emotional Neglect Christmas: Humorous & Touching Holiday Stories From The Nurturance Void


Latchkey Urchins & Friends is a podcast by me* and my co-host Anne Sherry, a therapist. We explore different topics within The Nurturance Void, the space left when we experienced childhood emotional neglect. Childhood emotional neglect happens between parents and their kids, within families, across generations, in communities, in nations, and in policies and programs. We seek to heal through humor and holding space. Each week a guest shares their childhood emotional neglect stories, their latchkey kid recipes (cinnamon toast seems to be a common thread), and their healing hacks.

This week we share the awkward holiday stories from 7 of our listeners, including Anne's 8-year-old son ("it's okay to tell your kids about Santa, but do NOT do what my parents did!").

Hear about the meticulous adorable holiday outfit that Kara's mom curated, only to have it spectacularly ruined at a Christmas card-making party.

Hear about the amazing gift Laura received only to have it tragically and unceremoniously taken back by her dad.

Is Christmas the optimal time to tell your kids you're getting a divorce? Find out with one of our listener's stories.

Are you the hero that always tries to save your family's holidays? You'll relate to one of our listener's stories.

Anne reworks some of the stories with some therapy tools for healing. We hope you can too after listening to this episode.

We hope you enjoy!

Where to listen:

*Latchkey Urchins & Friends is a personal project and not affiliated with PACEs Connection. It does not represent the official views of PACEs Connection (where I am employed).

Podcast Hosts:

Anne Sherry

Anne Sherry is a therapist located in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in emotional and developmental trauma. Anne got her Masters’s in Counseling in 2007 and is Certified in Internal Family Systems. Anne’s counseling career has involved running crisis services in Western NC to a successful private practice focusing on adults, with a burgeoning interest in psychedelic-assisted therapies. Prior to following her passion to have a counseling career at age of 40, Anne meandered through numerous low-wage jobs, poorly thought out travel plans, and impulsive cross country moves. Anne lives with her husband, son, and 3 cats in a 500 sq ft renovated garage.

Alison Cebulla

Alison Cebulla has a Master’s of Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health (’19) a top 10 program. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 with a BS in Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus in agricultural ecology. Alison went on to intern at ecological nonprofits in Belgium and the Netherlands, then worked in Fair Trade, an industry that seeks to end violence against women through economic empowerment. She taught an online program for 4 years that helped people all over the world quit sugar and heal emotional eating for. Alison has written about the transformative power of kindness and gratitude in the Huffington Post, and has taught workshops and spoken on stage in Paris, Barcelona, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin. She is an avid trail runner, yogi, meditator, blogger, and food grower. She is currently a Community Facilitator for PACEs Connection who promote the science of Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences to transform society as trauma-informed. Alison manages a project called Kind Warrior with over 10,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. She lives in San Luis Obispo, California.


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