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WEBINAR: How to Integrate Nutrition into Trauma Treatment

Virtual Webinar

WEBINAR:  How to Integrate Nutrition into Trauma Treatment

DATE: Wednesday, March 23

TIME: 12 - 1 pm EST


Join Dr. Scott Sells to learn:

• Why there is no inclusion of nutrition as part of mental health treatment and how to bridge this gap without having to be a certified nutritionist or going outside your level of training.
• An FST (Family Systems Trauma) Nutritional Self-Assessment Handout talk to your families about nutrition and its potential benefits through a nutritional brain change.
• A case study using the self-assessment is highlighted so that you can replicate the same process with your families.
• An FST Nutritional Playbook to jump-start a change in nutrition in the family and a bridge to include your local nutritionist in the process.

Q & A with Dr. Sells will follow this discussion.

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