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Oak Trees in a Storm: Growing our Skills for Generative Conflict-Part 2

An essential element in school crisis recovery and renewal is growing our skills to navigate repair when there has been rupture. Crisis is rupture, creates rupture, and thrives off of rupture. Leading school communities requires us to sit knowing how to navigate and move with harm, apology and conflict.

That’s why we (the School Crisis Recovery & Renewal project) is thrilled to partner with the Radicle Root Collective, an amazing team of facilitators, coaches, and data experts that each bring their unique magic together to support organizational healing and transformation. In this special two-part institute in the summer, we engage in deep learning, inquiry and strategy practice.

What might you get?  

  • Oak Trees in a Storm is designed based on the premise that conflict is a natural part of a group’s experience together.
  • You are invited to explore the concept of generative conflict and the impact of racialized grief and trauma in the escalation of conflict.
  • You will also be offered space to practice strategies for moving conflict into a generative pathway rather than a destructive one. 
    • Inner work: This is accomplished first through exploring participants’ own relationship with conflict through the lens of their racial and other intersectional identities.
    • Outer work: We then shift outward to looking at the current culture of conflict in your work group and/or team.
  • We end our institute by providing tangible strategies that can be used in the moment when conflict arises and that ultimately can be used to shift the team/groups conflict culture into one that is generative. 

What will we ask of you?

As part of this Institute, participants can expect to do deep self-reflection, engage in affinity based and cross racial dialogues and practice using embodiment exercises, visualizations and scenario work.

Participants will be asked to complete a self-assessment prior to the first session and do 1-2 hours of reading and journaling during the week between the two institutes.

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