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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Online and In-Person Classes

Monday Night Meditation 7pm to 8pm

ONLINE information at

Join us tonight:

Joanie will lead two sittings and a talk:

We continue the teaching on The Four Noble Truths

A big part of understanding how to be happy is to practice The Four Noble Truths. A big part of that understanding is to learn that everything is in flux - Life is a constant series of deaths and renewal, dying and birth.

Endless Opportunities:   Pema Chödrön

“As you get more familiar with birth and death in every moment, you will discover other benefits. You will have the insight that there are continual and endless opportunities to have a fresh start. In each new moment, one lifetime ends, and another begins. This means you always have another chance. You can never be stuck.”

Join us in person or live stream via **Zoom.

~Joanie Lane is the Director and Dharma Teacher at "A Positive Light" Meditation center.   

6470 Kelsey Creek Dr. Kelseyville, Ca.    (707)328-6072

**For those who prefer to join us Online via Zoom visit

text 707-328-6072 for the password

You will be in a waiting room until the host lets you in.

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