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Invisible Individuals and Systemic Racism: What can you do to be anti-racist?


Invisible Individuals and Systemic Racism: What can you do to be anti-racist?

Anti-Racism, Systemic Racism, Critical Race Theory. These are concepts and ideas that most of us did not encounter in our training. Once encountered, a valid question is “what can I as an individual do about a problem so longstanding and so big?” This workshop will be a conversation with the group regarding that singular question. What can we, as one person, do to be anti-racist, to support and even advocate for not just the person in front of us but also for our communities?

Participants will:
1) Discuss the more recent terms used for this conversation and why this is important.
2) Learn micro-level strategies for working with families.
3) Learn community-level strategies

1. This is an interactive training. Please be prepared to participate in activities such as group discussion, break out rooms, and/or demonstration. Your training experience will be best with the use of a web cam, audio, and a training environment conducive to active participation.
2. Some or all of this session may be recorded. This is an interactive session - you will benefit most from direct attendance.
3. Why do we ask "Knowledge Check" questions during registration? These questions help us to obtain information about our learners' knowledge of a topic prior to training and the effectiveness of the training (participants will be asked the same questions at the end of the training).
3. By registering for CalTrin training, you consent to be added to the CalTrin mailing list.

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