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Creating Physical Spaces to Foster Healing and Resilience: Trauma-Informed Design

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In partnership with the Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma, Pathways to Resilience is pleased to present Creating Physical Spaces to Foster Healing and Resilience: Trauma-Informed Design. This event is also part of the #WeHealUs campaign to raise awareness of strategies to prevent adversity and build resilience and healing.

Pursuing trauma-informed and trauma-responsive approaches across sectors extends to the spaces and settings we inhabit. Join us on May 17 at 2:00pm ET to learn about advances in the fields of architecture, design, and urban planning that consider the needs of people with lived experiences of trauma to prevent re-traumatization and promote overall well-being, healing, and joy in individuals and communities.

In “Designing for Healing, Dignity, and Joy,” Shopworks Architecture provides “The Three C’s” of trauma-informed design: Choice, Community, and Comfort (p. 13), which guide designers to incorporate feedback from the individuals using the spaces, emphasize communal spaces to facilitate relationship building, and ensure comfortable, safe spaces. We will hear from former First Lady of Massachusetts Lauren Baker; Mike Lindstrom of studioMLA Architects; Dana McKinney of Gehry Partners; and Laura Rossbert of Shopworks Architecture about their work implementing these values and other considerations for creating trauma-informed spaces in correctional facilities, visitation spaces for youth and families, housing for people experiencing homelessness, and public spaces such as community centers and outdoor areas.

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