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Breathwork for Emotional Freedom


Breathwork for Emotional Freedom



An Event with Pierre-Etienne Vannier MSc, CHt

Emotional freedom means giving ourselves permission to feel what we need to feel, and by extension to heal what we need to heal. It means proactively and compassionately dealing with the emotions and sensations that are stuck in our bodies because of past/current experiences in our life. It means stop pretending that “everything is great/fine/perfect!” and giving ourselves permission to move on with our life!

To promote connection and create a safe space for healing, you will be invited to have your camera on during the initial check-in. You are welcome to turn your camera off during practice for more privacy.

Please wear comfortable clothes. Pillows, blankets, and other props can also be used during our time together to make this experience more comfortable. You can also use earphones for a more immersive experience. It is best to practice on an empty/light stomach. Please avoid eating/drinking too much before the class.

Where: Zoom Online or in-person if you are located in Cairo Egypt**

Pre-Registration is required in advance.

Class Fee $25

This event is held in unison with Serenity Psychology Center in Cairo Egypt

** If in Cairo please visit the Facebook page for Serenity Psychology Center for details on how to attend in-person. The event in Cairo is from 8:30pm to 10:00pm EET Cairo Time.

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