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Today I attended the first Webinar part talking about building ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care Communities.  There was discussion regarding individual states who have included ACE data in their BRFSS, of which Maryland (my state) conducted such a data collection in 2015.  I asked the group where I could find the data from my state and I was referred to both and the Acesconnection community "State ACEs Action".  I've searched both sites for ACEs data and found nothing.

Could someone with specific knowledge and experience accessing the State of Maryland's ACE data from the 2015 BRFSS let me know where you found it?  Thank you.

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Brenda Yuen - I don't know how many states use 'sub-contractors' for their BRFSS data collection/analysis, but NH- which had not been collecting ACEs data in their annual BRFSS-at least until 2015, had been using Northrup-Grumman as the sub-contractor. I don't know if a 'national company' like Northrup-Grumman may also sub-contract to other states, but if this makes your research task any easier, I hope it helps. A [Maryland] Legislative candidate I know, who's familiar with ACEs, may also be able to be of help on this (She does some of SAMHSA's [trauma-informed] publications work). You can use the ACEs "Private Messages" link to me on this-in case I don't see your reply, right away.

Brenda, I admire your doggedness in pursuing this-you've been after basic data for years!  I too would like ACEs info regarding Maryland. 

Here on the eastern shore we are finally having what I believe is our first, open to the public, training/presentation on trauma and ACEs: Sept. 13, 6-8pm, Easton, HS.  'Healing Neen' will be shown and 'Neen' will speak. For more info contact Talbot Co. DSS.

Jonathan Williams


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