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Vivian Watts: Justice system reforms will help protect children []

By Vivian Watts, The Virginian-Pilot, May 6, 2020 In my career as the former executive director of Fairfax CASA, as well as my work as the former secretary of Transportation and Public Safety and in the Virginia House of Delegates, I have fought to protect vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation knowing that our failure to do so has catastrophic consequences. For more than 20 years clinicians and social scientists have studied the impact that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and...
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WV Democrats Unveil Plan to Help Kids Having Adverse Childhood Experiences []

By WV News Staff, West Virginia's News, February 3, 2020 Democratic members of both chambers of the West Virginia Legislature on Monday held a press conference to unveil their plan to help children in the state suffering from a variety of negative circumstances. The plan involves prioritizing children who are coping with poverty, drug abuse, parental separation and neglect — collectively referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, according to a press release issued following the...
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Funding Trauma-Informed Community Networks - We are #TraumaInformedVA

Chloe Edwards ·
“I know from personal experience that trauma can be life-changing, but I didn’t know that talking about trauma could change my life. And the lives of others,” said Theresa Caldwell, member of the Southside (TICN) Trauma-Informed Community Network , which is supported by the Crater Health District under the leadership of Dr. Alton Hart and Brian Little. The Network works to foster healthy communities through disease prevention and control, health promotion, environmental protection, and...
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How to Keep Children's Stress From Turning Into Trauma []

By Stacy Steinberg, The New York Times, May 7, 2020 Children may be processing the disruptions in their lives right now in ways the adults around them do not expect: acting out, regressing, retreating or even seeming surprisingly content. Parents need to know that all of this is normal, experts say, and there are some things we can do to help. “Our natural response to scary things is biologically to release stress hormones,” said Dr. Nadine Burke Harris , a pediatrician and surgeon general...
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A Message from the President of the Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Elise Groenewegen ·
Dear Illinois ACE Connection members, Children and families from all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds in Illinois experience trauma, adversity, and chronic stress. Social determinants such as where we live, work, and play, can further exacerbate positive or negative physical, emotional, and behavioral health issues. The critical factor that determines if a child, family, and/or community can manage trauma, adversity, and chronic stress successfully is resilience : the process by...
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California Ends Practice of Billing Parents for Kids in Detention []

Alicia Doktor ·
Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed into law on Wednesday a sweeping package of criminal justice reform bills including a ban on the practice of billing parents for their children’s incarceration, which had been prevalent statewide for decades and was the subject of a Marshall Project investigation earlier this year. The new law — introduced by two Democratic state senators from the Los Angeles area, Holly Mitchell and Ricardo Lara, and approved by the legislature on Sept. 6 — prohibits...
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Massachusetts Prepares for Children's Mental Health Needs During Covid

Alix Rivière ·
Months into the pandemic, we know the Covid-19 virus doesn’t just pose a threat to our physical health: it has serious repercussions for our individual and collective mental health too. Given ACEs Connection members’ interest in trauma-informed initiatives that support the needs of children, the Massachusetts Childhood Trauma Task Force (CTTF) wants to share its recent report on Covid-19 and children’s mental health.
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From Awareness to Action, with Voices of Lived Experience: Wisconsin’s Collective Impact Initiative

Anndee Hochman ·
Perhaps it wasn’t the optimum time to update the network’s vision and values statements: a virtual meeting held in the midst of a global pandemic. But a record number of people—51, compared to the typical 30—tuned in for the May 1 Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) Collective Impact Council, and they gave the new values statement, which highlights inclusivity and collaboration, an enthusiastic thumbs-up. At the virtual table were members from key state departments—Children...
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The Best for our Children: Considering ACEs in Voter Engagement.

Jvanete Skiba ·
The presidential race is a big-ticket item, but hundreds of other state and local races will impact critical issues like school funding, childcare and early education, nutrition programs, and health care. Every seat in the NC General Assembly is on the ballot, along with the Governor’s race, a US Senate seat, congressional races, and more. When it comes to elevating the importance of racial equity, voting is vital to make marginalized voices heard. Policies and systems can be changed by our...
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When Public Officials Abuse Families and Children

Craig McEwen ·
The story of a Tennessee mother denied an abortion and help in raising a premature baby. Life unravels. We too often focus on abuse in the household when abuse by public officials remains in the shadow.

Re: When Public Officials Abuse Families and Children

Robert Olcott ·
'Arbitrary and/or Capricious Abuse of Administrative Authority' is also covered in New Hampshire criminal statutes as "Official Oppression" I and a number of 'colleagues' were 'Plaintiffs' in New York State 'Class Action' Civil case about 50 years ago. The NYS Attorney General assigned to defend the 'Administrative Official' reportedly called him noting he wasn't going t waste his time trying to defend him.... (I was working as a Paralegal for
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