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WEBINAR: Fostering Equity: Creating Shared Understanding for Building Community Resilience

Wendy Ellis ·
Struggling with how to Foster Equity Conversations in Community? Join the national partners of the Building Community Resilience Networks as we share our lessons learned in fostering equity as a strategy to prevent childhood adversity and build community resilience. Wednesday, February 26th 12pm-1:15pm Eastern More info at As a nation we have agonized over how to approach conversations on race, racism, inequity and racial justice. Too often we have opted to attempt...
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New Publication in Health Promotion Practice Journal Provides a Framework for Action on ACEs

Aditi Srivastav ·
Advocates, leaders, and professionals in the child health and well-being space have identified a need for concrete steps for building resilience to prevent ACEs. Current frameworks focused on ACEs fall short of including a multilevel approach, considering the role of health equity in well-being, and providing concrete, tangible steps for implementation across the life span. The empower action model addresses childhood adversity as a root cause of disease by building resilience across...
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What's Next? Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative Deepens Effort as Momentum Grows Across the State

Anndee Hochman ·
It was more than a piece of parchment bearing the governor’s signature. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s resolution declaring May 15, 2019 as the state’s first Trauma-Informed Awareness Day marked a high-level recognition that, where state policy is concerned, trauma matters. The resolution and resulting proclamation Pritzker signed also calls for legislators to consider childhood brain development, early adversity and buffering relationships when making policy decisions; it urges all state...

Re: What's Next? Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative Deepens Effort as Momentum Grows Across the State

Carolyn Featherstone ·
Great work in Illinois. Thanks for sharing your success and there is hope that other states will soon follow. This is the perfect time for attention to change.
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Health Equity and the Social Determinants of Health Are NOT Synonyms

Ellen Fink-Samnick ·
Successful health equity strategies must be inclusive, and focus on all marginalized and minoritized persons and their communities. Any lesser view will continue to yield a faulty health equity equation.
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