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New Publication in Health Promotion Practice Journal Provides a Framework for Action on ACEs

Aditi Srivastav ·
Advocates, leaders, and professionals in the child health and well-being space have identified a need for concrete steps for building resilience to prevent ACEs. Current frameworks focused on ACEs fall short of including a multilevel approach, considering the role of health equity in well-being, and providing concrete, tangible steps for implementation across the life span. The empower action model addresses childhood adversity as a root cause of disease by building resilience across...
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ACEs Science in Education: The Next Big Challenge is Systems Change #ACEsCon2018

One of the first sessions of the 2018 ACEs Conference: Action to Access discussed the barriers and opportunities for increasing access in the field of education. The main question was: "How can one achieve systematic changes within the field of education?" The session was moderated by Michelle Flowers, a passionate advocate, and the principal of Kinney High in Rancho Cordova, CA, which is part of the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. It included a dynamic and diverse panel of education...

Re: ACEs Science in Education: The Next Big Challenge is Systems Change #ACEsCon2018

Alfred White ·
Excellent article of encouragement...I too am from this same population and because of my past...individuals who are in leadership positions. Don't understand we are the key to creating systemic educational programs through our subject matter filled lives to create the changes needed in institutions. The quote below is where we need to start by empowering this population...Yes...those who have had these experiences first-hand are the nucleus for new educationally centered outcomes through...
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Early Relational Health Innovators Partner In Program Supported by PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities Members in Twelve California Counties

Carey Sipp ·
Christina Bethell, Ph.D, MBA, MPH, founder of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), principal author of the groundbreaking study on positive childhood experiences, and creator of the free Well Visit Planner, among other innovations. Two internationally-respected leaders and innovators in complementary aspects of early relational health and childhood and maternal health equity recently launched a partnership they believe will benefit everyone from newborn babies and...
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