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How the Body Keeps the Score: Intensive Trauma Treatment Course []

By Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, PESI, January 7, 2020 Trauma is horrendous. It overwhelms its victims and often the people who try to treat it. It reshapes one’s sense of self, bodily experience and brain organization — leaving people stuck in terror, isolation, and shame. My life’s work has been to find the most effective pathways to healing trauma. It’s why I founded the Trauma Center, have been part of groundbreaking research, and wrote the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Body Keeps...
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Healing with Yoga

Jessie Wetmore ·
Did you know that yoga can reduce stress and heal the mind, body, and soul? Let me explain how yoga can prevent, treat, and heal Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and toxic stress. In my personal experience as a Sonoma County preschool teacher, I noticed many children, parents, and teachers in our program had very high levels of stress and anxiety. We all live busy lives and tend to focus on the next activity instead of the one at hand. So I decided to try yoga. I started doing yoga with...
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[This Wed @6pm] Resilient Sonoma ~ Sonoma Resiliente: Next Steps

Nick Dalton ·
Dear friends, We are excited to see you again (or for the first time) next week for Resilient Sonoma – Sonoma Resiliente, this Wednesday 6-8pm at the Hanna Boys Center Legacy Room. We will share updates for the next steps so we can then collectively agree on how we can best move forward collaboratively. Please mark your calendars for the next meeting and kindly RSVP . Light food will be provided. Here are some key follow-up items to keep in mind as we prepare: Open to All Interested...
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We Need a Healing Movement

Frank Alix ·
What if you had developed a cure for the most painful and costly public health problem in America, you had proven that it worked, and you were offering it for free, but could not reach those who need it most because no one wants to talk about the problem? Tragically, this is my reality and the truth about human nature. It is easier to suffer in silence than acknowledge the painful things that happen to us. Over 20 years ago, researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser...

Re: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: Healing the Long Term Effects of Childhood Adversity,

Former Member ·
You cannot end Childhood Adversity In the Shadows of Neoliberalism PERIOD.

Re: Healing with Yoga

Holly White-Wolfe ·
Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story! The photo of your preschoolers is fabulous. I also rely on my yoga practice to help me cope with stress. I put on a " Yoga with Adriene " youtube video every morning. This helps me get my tired and achy body moving more fluidly, and puts my mind in a much more positive space. She even recently created a video called "Yoga for After Disaster":
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How We Heal from Adverse Childhood Experiences

Dr. Glenn Schiraldi ·
It’s not time, but an integrated recovery plan that heals.
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Peacetown Family Village and snowflake hunt coming up in Sebastopol(SoCo News)

Elizabeth Beaty-Smith ·
By Camille Escovedo, Staff Writer of SoCo News. Sebastopolians are invited to make merry at the Peacetown Family Village and snowflake hunt on Sunday, Dec. 5, from 2-4 p.m. The free event will be held at Peacetown’s new brick and mortar location in the Barlow, across the street from Taylor Lane Coffee in the former Foundry building. Children can write letters to Santa to be “mailed” to the North Pole and take photos with the man himself at the event, according to Elizabeth Smith, a Peacetown...
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Words are powerful - that's not a meme, it's how our brains work

Liz George ·
When we interact with persons who have behavioral health challenges, including substance use disorder, the words we use can be in support of healing - or hindering healing.

Re: Words are powerful - that's not a meme, it's how our brains work

Karen Clemmer ·
Love your newsletters!
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Trauma-Informed America: What are Cross-Sector Community Coalitions and How Can Congress Support Them?

Jen Curt ·
By Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice's (CTIPP's) Dan Press & Jen Curt The bipartisan, bicameral Resilience Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) from Trauma Act authorizes a new grant program to fund “Trauma and Resilience-Related Coordinator Bodies.” This grant program, Section 101 of the bill, would be cost-saving, life-saving, and successful at tackling issues that the current siloed approaches have failed to decrease: overdose and suicide epidemics, workforce...
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