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Notes from our 3.27.19 meeting

ACEs Enthusiasts Community Meeting Notes 
March 27, 2019 from 3:30 to 5:00
Location: Child Parent Institute

About this community: We bring the community together to prevent, heal, and treat ACEs while promoting resiliency.

New Year - New Focus! Sonoma County ACEs Connection is starting fresh in 2019 with an emphasis on community, while seeking opportunities to leverage and coordinate with others. 

Welcome & Gather Mindful moment - volunteer to lead?
Welcomed several new folks, representing Verity, DAAC Perinatal Program, SRJC Child Development, SC Human Services, Probation CPI Parenting Program, SC Parks, SC Economic Assistance (anyone missing from this list??) and importantly, representing themselves and how they are or have harnessed their ACEs as they move through the word, at work, at home and in the wider community. *We also reflected on who was not at the table, and if each of us might want to reach out to others to ensure there is a strong sense of community voice and authentic engagement. However we also need to keep in mind that some of us wear both - attend for work, and have experiences ACEs. There is seat at the table for everyone - and each voice matters.

Guest speaker: Portrait of a Student - Kathy Goodacre, Executive Director of CTE.  For those who were present for the presentation, please be sure to complete the post presentation survey:

Report out from Steering Committee meeting:
Meeting report - Bryan / Policy Committee - Alison / Community Coord - Nancy 
Alison spoke about the value of having a policy committee, current coordination with 4CA, and other statewide advocacy groups. Group agreed it is important. If you’d like to partner with Alison, please reach out to her!

Participant sharing & learning (ideas from our 1.23.19 meeting):
Brainstorming activity: Let’s find a new name for Sonoma County ACEs Connection! Maybe consider Latin words that more easily translate into other languages, including Spanish - thus being more inclusive! DEFERRED 

SCAC Listserv - to share or not to share!? How to facilitate communications with other members? OK to email via listserv, send BC to prevent misuse of email addresses.

Review committee SCAC structure - and seek opportunities to participate! See above re policy committee. Also discussed upcoming opportunities to raise awareness of SCAC and to help folks link their efforts to ACEs - maybe look further upstream, to see if there are earlier interventions or opportunities to educate.  

A meeting has been set with Annmarie from the SC Community Resilience Collaborative  which is  SC Resilience Coalition 

Nancy shared the significance and value of the (cohort 1 of 3) Community Resilience Training and strongly encourage SCAC members and others to sign up for the next training sessions in June. Some stipends are available to cover lost wages during the training days.

Have a brief “new employee” introduction to ACEs? Please share - let’s see how others introduce ACEs to new workforce! Started discussion regarding how organizations are incorporating ACEs awareness and education into their workflow. Verity trains all their staff and volunteers on ACEs, Human Services added a couple slides on ACEs to their new hire orientation, probation embedded ACEs and secondary trauma into their workflow to ensure staff have support, CPI parenting program (serves CPS involved families too) is trauma informed. 

Bring your logic model - if you have one that addresses ACEs! Let’s learn how others are embedding ACEs into their programs and work!

DRAFT Meeting notes We welcomed several new members and hosted a guest speaker. New members feel like ACEs impact their work and sometimes their lives. The welcoming / self-introductions were the primary focus of the meeting. The group question was what brings you to the meeting? Examples can beit's part of your job, I feel personally drawn to ACEs related issues, and if there is an intersection between your personal and professional life that you’d like to share please do so, or if you prefer, take a pass. Sharing this way revealed the internal motivation of many around the table to acknowledge and address ACEs. Some shared how they reflect on their own childhoods and think about what helped them cope - wondering why are they able to be here today (an engaged member of the community) and not to have succumbed to the adverse effects of toxic childhood stress. Several draw upon this wisdom as they move through their life, work, and within the community. Alison shared how she is motivated to participate in Alternatives to Violence in a leadership capacity and will be co-hosting a community training on April 13, 2019.

We welcomed Jessica who was featured in the KQED Documentary, Invisible Bars a powerful, moving story of how parental incarceration impacts children and families. Jessica offered to be a panelist, along with her dad if we wanted to have a showing or more than one showing. Lots of brainstorming about locations, contacts, who to connect with and more. We still need to develop concrete next steps. Dreamy!

We discussed upcoming Prevent Child Abuse event hosted by CPI, and whether SCAC members would want to “table”. It was agreed that we should table, Nancy and Karen volunteered and will report out at our next meeting. We also touched on the speakers bureau and possible next steps. We still need to develop concrete next steps. We learned that due to staffing changes Remy will no longer be able to support SCAC.

Items for our 4.24.19 meeting - see attached for the agenda
Report out regarding meeting with Annmarie and Griselda and any next steps or ways to align efforts
Reminder to sign up for June cohort - see Nancy for information
Report out on tabling event at CPI’s Prevent Child Abuse event
Report out on Alternatives to Violence training - and future training opportunities
Consider next steps for a policy subcommittee (share sample newsletters)
Discuss hosting an event such as the showing of Invisible Bars followed by a panel discussion
Brainstorm upcoming opportunities where SCAC could table at events - and invite folks to join us
Reminder May 1st Policymaker Education Day in Sacramento -  all invited, need to *RSVP
Considerations about changing our name from Sonoma County ACEs Connection to IUGO - Latin for community or together

*2019 Policymaker Education Day on Childhood Adversity hosted by the California Campaign to Counter Childhood Adversity (4CA) is convening advocates and will provide advocacy tactics and tools to educate policymakers about the impacts of childhood adversity on communities and what policymakers can do to help. 
Event Details: May 1, 2019 9AM to 5PM  Sacramento, CA 
Why attend Policymaker Education Day:
- Learn effective tools and strategies to engage and educate policymakers
- Learn about 2019 legislative bills in the California legislature to prevent and mitigate childhood adversity
- Participate in legislative visits to strengthen and establish relationships with policymakers
- Network and connect with advocates in the education, youth justice, health, child welfare and early childhood sectors


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