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Last Month's Early Childhood Mental Health Summit - Let's Put Our Learning into Practice Now


Just one month ago, on September 28, First 5 and partners pulled together a few hundred community members for an Early Childhood Mental Health Summit called "Building Relationships to Support Families in Times of Stress."

With the local wildfires distressing many families and children, community support is needed now more than ever.

The event aimed to ensure participants:

1.) Expanded their understanding of Early Childhood mental Health as the capacity to form close relationships, manage and express emotions and explore the environment and learn.

2.) Recognized the importance of early relationships in promoting optimal brain development paving the way for social emotional, cognitive skills and communication throughout the lifetime.

3.) Built additional skills to support young children and their families in healing from trauma and building resilience.

Each participant left with an event booklet featuring workshop slides and additional resources.  (Event booklet attached.) Let's review what we learned and ensure we incorporate these strategies and resources in our continuing community recovery efforts.  


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