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Congrats Dana!

Last week, Dana Brown received the Joy McAllister Advocacy Award from Mental Health America of San Diego County, the same award that Dr. Vincent Felitti accepted two years ago! Please join me in congratulating Dana on this special honor for her...

Opportunities for Growth Chart

Directions: Based on your assets map, identify people, groups, and organizations that may benefit from receiving presentations on ACEs, trauma, and resilience. Once the person, group, or organization has received 3 presentations, they can be moved...

44th Street Residents Ask SD Unified To Get Trauma-Informed (

After a double homicide took his grandson's life last summer, Ricky McCoy Sr. started knocking on doors. He intended to get his neighbors, who retreated inward after hearing more than 40 rounds fired, talking again. Along with the acute trauma of witnessing a fatal shooting, they were experiencing cumulative trauma built up from years of struggling to get by and watching loved ones go to jail or get deported. McCoy and a group of 44th Street residents, whom we started following in November ,...

Substance Abuse or Survival? (

Last Friday Nov. 1, down the road from county Mental Health Services in San Diego, CA, eleven local activists from the mental health, health care, social outreach, and justice systems met for lunch. We discussed the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, research on 17,421 average clients at an average San Diego HMO, who were simply asked if they’d had bad childhood experiences, physical or emotional. The study compared their childhoods, to whether they later developed life-threatening...

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