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October 2023

What does popcorn have to do with math? (

To read more of Bill Gates' article, please click here. Do you know how to calculate the volume of a prism? What about a pyramid? And what does either have to do with movie theater popcorn? Back in April, I spent the day at Chula Vista Middle School in Southern California learning what these questions have to do with graduating from college. I was there to meet with school and district leaders and join an eighth-grade math class taught by a remarkable teacher named Amilcar Fernandez, who...

Early Relational Health Innovators Partner In Program Supported by PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities Members in Twelve California Counties

Christina Bethell, Ph.D, MBA, MPH, founder of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), principal author of the groundbreaking study on positive childhood experiences, and creator of the free Well Visit Planner, among other innovations. Two internationally-respected leaders and innovators in complementary aspects of early relational health and childhood and maternal health equity recently launched a partnership they believe will benefit everyone from newborn babies and...

County supervisors announce child care pilot program to expand access (

Image: A mother entering the kindergarten yard with her preschool-aged child. To read more of Danielle Dawson's article, please click here. San Diego County Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vargas announced a new proposal for a child care pilot program on Monday that is aimed at increasing access to the vital service and supporting existing providers. The program, which is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, would direct the county to develop a strategy to meet local child care...

San Diego County Blue Envelope Program (

To read more of the San Diego Sheriff's program, please click here. San Diego County is proud to offer the Blue Envelope Program. The program is designed to promote inclusivity and serve as an enhanced communication awareness tool between law enforcement and community members diagnosed with a condition or disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, dementia, anxiety, or other conditions that might require additional accommodations or awareness during a law enforcement interaction. The...

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