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San Diego for Every Child

A year ago, we officially launched San Diego for Every Child.
On January 15, 2020, with more than a year of preparation and the help of many individuals, families, and organizations, we declared that the decade to tackle the experience of child poverty in San Diego County was upon us. The time was now. And it was going to take all of us, moving in the same direction, to achieve that goal.
Then COVID-19 hit. In honor of our shared vision—a San Diego where every child has healthy food, stable housing, reliable healthcare, and quality child care and early education—we sprang into action with partners:
  • We created the COVID-19 Children’s Fund, which helped move more than $1 million dollars into the community, directly to families and child care providers;
  • That work aided in laying the foundation for more than $39 million in CARES Act funding from the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, and State of California;
  • Along with other trusted community organizations, we helped orchestrate the distribution of more than $608,000 worth of cleaning supplies to child care providers;
  • Co-leading the Equitable Distance Learning Taskforce, we produced Beyond the Hotspot, which has informed the distribution of more than $528,000 to assist with distance learning;
  • And along with over 40 organizations and community partners, we’ve called upon the City of San Diego to invest in its children and youth through creating an Office of Child and Youth Success.
This was all possible, and continues to be possible, through collaboration. We are grateful to the many organizations which helped make everything above a reality, and the growing multitude of San Diegans committed to the cause of cutting the experience of child poverty across our region by 2030.
This one-year anniversary is an opportunity to recommit to our collective vision, and we invite you to:

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