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Congratulations to our first Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities (TREC) Accredited Learning Centers in our network!


A joyous celebration on Friday, February 10, 2023 honoring the leadership of Area Superintendent Lindsay Reese, Principal Amanda Clark, and all staff members with San Diego Workforce Innovation High Schools’ Chula Vista, Linda Vista and National City Learning Centers!

Area Superintendent Reese reflected on the TREC Accreditation and shared, "Trauma Resilient Educational Communities provide a safe and supportive environment for students to heal from their past traumas, while also equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive academically and emotionally. By fostering resilience and addressing the root causes of trauma, these communities play a critical role in supporting positive student outcomes, empowering students to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom."

                           TREC Accreditation banner image

Everyone was grateful to the Lifelong Learning Administration Corporation (LLAC) for providing a delicious meal. A huge thank you to Carla Guiterrez for her creativity with the gorgeous setup with the celebratory lunch.

Accreditation SDWIHS beautiful lunch

                            Accreditation SDWIHS dried flowers picture

         SDWIHS lunch spread

Accreditation SDWIHS staff enjoying lunch

Craig Beswick, Vice-President, School Development Division welcomed and congratulated everyone in attendance for their hard work, dedication, and steadfast commitment with bringing TREC to life individually and organizationally within the three learning centers. Sharing the journey of TREC’s evolution, Mr. Beswick celebrates SDWIHS’s Chula Vista, Linda Vista, and National City’s staff for bringing the Accreditation to fruition.

Accreditation SDWIHS Craig Beswick congratulating

Principal Amanda Clark shared her gratitude for her entire staff and how inspired she is for their leadership throughout the TREC Accreditation. Expressing her heart with her teams, Mrs. Clark is exceptionally proud of the groundbreaking momentum nurtured by everyone in attendance.

Accreditation SDWIHS Amanda Clark

Gabriel Nunez-Soria, TREC Director, shared his depth of gratitude for everyone who engaged in the months-long process of going through the six three-hour professional development series, along with taking the TREC Well-Being Scale and the anonymous Strengths & Needs Assessment. The TREC Work Group worked for 12-months diving even deeper into integrating TREC within policies and practices through SMART Goals. “It has been an honor and pleasure to collaborate with Amanda Clark’s San Diego Innovation High team on this TREC journey. I am grateful for their candor and willingness to work through what sometimes feels like fluffy or superfluous topics, so that their team can improve their ability to operationalize compassion and love throughout their school practices and spaces. While this is continuous work, I am proud to have been a part of this first phase of the TREC process, setting the stage for ongoing improvement in their practices and service for the youth that they serve.”

Accreditation SDWIHS Staff Survey results w-Gabriel

Dana Brown, PACEs Statewide Facilitator, Learn4Life, shared how inspirational every single individual is through all the diligent, hard work over the months. With the three learning centers paving the way for every school in our network, Dana reflected how humbled and honored she is to be learning from, engaging with, and collaborating on behalf of students, staff, and all families.

Accreditation SDWIHS Dana Brown congratulating

Accepting the TREC Accreditation Awards on behalf of each of the three learning centers are Ana Quintella, representing National City, Constantine Alarcon representing Linda Vista, and Eloy Pelayo, representing Chula Vista.

SDWIHS Accreditation Awards group photo 2.10.23

Ana reflected, “We are incredibly fortunate to have such forward-thinking leaders in our organization! I am so grateful for the TREC framework Dana and Gabe have developed with Craig and Miguel-Angel. Along with Eloy, their facilitation made the accreditation process feel less daunting. Thank you, Amanda, for being willing to be vulnerable and brave in speaking your truth. As a principal you have to manage so many different personalities and possible outcomes - such a great model of leadership for our staff!”.

The schools received a TREC Accreditation banner, too, to proudly display their historical accomplishments.


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  • Accreditation SDWIHS beautiful lunch
  • Accreditation SDWIHS dried flowers picture
  • Accreditation SDWIHS staff enjoying lunch
  • TREC Accreditation banner image
  • Accreditation SDWIHS Staff Survey results w-Gabriel
  • Accreditation SDWIHS Craig Beswick congratulating
  • Accreditation SDWIHS Amanda Clark
  • Accreditation SDWIHS Dana Brown congratulating
  • SDWIHS Accreditation Awards group photo 2.10.23
  • SDWIHS lunch spread

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