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California State Assembly honors Native American elders (Indian Country Today)


(Photo: David Monniaux, CC-BYSA 3.0 < licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en> via Wikimedia Commons)

News Release

California State University, San Bernardino

  • California Assemblymember James Ramos honored tribal elders for working to preserve Native American culture such as language, and songs by teaching them to younger generations of Native Americans.
  • Robert Levi Jr., Elder/Culture Bearer In-Residence saw his father, Robert Levi Sr., a Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indian, honored by the state Assembly
  • Assemblymember James Ramos, D-Highland, called the elder Levi “a mentor and a friend who taught me and many others throughout Southern California the traditional Kaweah bird songs.”

Robert Levi Jr., who serves as the Elder/Culture Bearer In-Residence mentoring Native American students at Cal State San Bernardino, saw his father, tribal elder Robert Levi Sr., honored by the California State Assembly.

Assemblymember James Ramos, D-Highland, during a session in the legislative chamber, recognized the elder Levi Sr. while introducing Concurrent Resolution 137, pointing on the importance of California Native American Day and the annual California Indian Cultural Awareness Conference

California Indians have been blessed with elders who, despite many obstacles, work to preserve language, songs and stewardship of natural resources, Ramos told his fellow legislators.

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