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The Roanoke Valley TICN began in 2017 with the goal of educating & empowering non-profits, social services, and education providers about ACEs, trauma, and its ongoing effects. Since then, the network has grown to 20+ organizations and is in its second learning cohort of organizations transforming their systems to better serve their staff and their clients.
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Blog Posts

“Handle with Care” ~ West Virginia (WV) Center for Children’s Justice & WV State Police

The West Virginia Defending Childhood Initiative, commonly referred to as Handle With Care, is tailored to reflect the needs and issues affecting children in West Virginia. The Initiative, a result of a collaborative effort of key stakeholders and partners, builds upon the success of proven programs throughout the country. The goal of the Initiative is to prevent children's exposure to trauma and violence, mitigate negative affects experienced by children's exposure to trauma, and to...

A Compassionate Guide to Talking about LBGTQ Issues

On November 7, Virginia voters elected Danica Roem to the Virginia House of Delegates. Roem is the first openly transgender state legislator in America. Her campaign focused on local issues, especially improving traffic problems, which resonated with voters. But she has also broken a cultural barrier that brings attention to the LBGTQ community. Her public life opens new opportunities for us to talk about transgender issues. Some of us may feel we’re in unfamiliar territory, and would like...

The pandemic hit LGBTQ youth hard. Many turned to TikTok []

By Malavika Kannan, San Francisco Chronicle, June 14, 2021 Even before COVID-19 canceled San Francisco’s iconic Pride Parade for the second straight year, gay teen Steven Sutton was finding celebration and solidarity online. On his TikTok account, between videos celebrating gay love and trolling Millennials, the 15-year-old San Mateo high schooler posts raw, vulnerable updates about his daily life and challenges. While Sutton is out to his family, he said he feels most comfortable among...

The Relentless School Nurse: Because Pronouns Matter

I participated in an important discussion about the use of pronouns. The person who initiated the discussion wanted to understand the issue on a granular level. They were having a hard time wrapping their mind around the need to move beyond the binary categories of him and her. I listened intently as two colleagues worked diligently to understand each other's perspectives. It was an encouraging discussion because neither party was pushing an agenda. They were both listening to understand.

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