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The Loss of Cultural Identity and Neurological Dysregulation

Iya Affo ·
Pre-COVID, I was invited to speak at a conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. During lunch the organizers brought dancers from the Apache tribe to perform. What we witnessed was so powerful and moving, that it prompted me to inquire about the spiritual significance of the songs and dance. They explained to me that after going to war, the warriors returned to their land and were gathered together to perform that particular dance and song. As a tribal African woman, it all made perfect sense. As...

Re: The Loss of Cultural Identity and Neurological Dysregulation

Tian Dayton ·
Such an important article...having spent time in India and lived in Greece and well as rural parts of America (and NYC).....I think what you're saying is golden. And as a psychologist, the regulating activities of daily life in America are sorely well as the co-regulation of close, intimate family relationships....unscheduled time, making dinner together, eating together, cleaning together....all of it! Great article!
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