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Honoring and Remembering My Precious Son

Scarlett Lewis ·
June is Jesse’s birthday month. Each year, since my six-year-old son’s murder in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012, people from all over the world continue to come together in the form of concerts, 5K’s, and online events to honor, remember, and celebrate all the lives lost on this tragic day. In a recent interview with a reporter, as we were talking about my organization’s annual Month of Fun fundraiser, he exclaimed how amazed he was that Jesse’s spirit seemed to continue to...

Re: Honoring and Remembering My Precious Son

hannah sherebrin ·
Your blog moved me to tear. I was in the middle of writing my weekly blog, and felt I have to add a link so that all people who read mine will come to read yours. It is so important what you are doing. Let us all spread love and support each other. Yes, I connect to your thoughts of what he could have accomplished, and who he would have grown up to be. All we can do is make sure others do not have to imagine what would have been, but live with love and joy, even if what the child grows up to...
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