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How do you cope? Self-regulation "favorites" from our children! (video)

Chaplain Chris Haughee ·
In a recent chapel time, our children were given the opportunity to "pay if forward" by helping create the video below. You see, part of the lesson was about thanksgiving and generosity, and that generosity is NOT just about sharing money. It's about being the type of people who share compassion and the wisdom that has been gained through difficulty. The children were encouraged to know that they could help other children handle their big feelings in healthy ways by sharing what they had...

Re: How do you cope? Self-regulation "favorites" from our children! (video)

Laura Pinhey ·
And it should come as no surprise that the children's ideas for how to cope with difficult and overwhelming emotions are spot on! Thanks so much for sharing this great resource here, Rev. Dr. Chris!
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