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The University of Oregon will cover tuition and fees for in-state Indigenous students from any federally recognized tribe (

Indigenous Peoples' Day celebration at the University of Oregon honoring tribal communities and sharing their history and traditions. Author: To read Alaa Elassar's article, please click here. The University of Oregon celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by announcing a new program that will cover tuition and fees for Indigenous tribal members residing in Oregon. The Home Flight Scholars Program was launched Monday and will immediately allow the estimated 150 to 175 eligible...

Long overlooked, Oregon's Swastika Mountain may have a new name soon (

Photo: U.S. Geological Survey Author: Dustin Jones' article, please click here. Swastika Mountain, in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest, is in the process of being renamed after bearing the moniker for over a century. Due to its remote location, the mountain and its name have largely gone unnoticed until now. Joyce McClain first heard of Swastika Mountain after reading about two hikers who were rescued from the peak in January. The 81-year-old couldn't believe that a mountain could still bear...

430k Oregon households will get $69 million in extra food benefits in September (

Oregonians who receive SNAP benefits will get an extra payment on top of their usual allotment this month, the state of Oregon said Friday. The emergency benefits for the 433,000 Oregon households that receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments, formerly known as food stamps, will be issued directly onto recipients’ Oregon Trail electronic benefit cards Sept. 13, Sept. 30 or Oct. 4. Recipients do not need to do anything to receive the extra payments, which have been...

Oregon’s Indigenous language institute continues to thrive as it crosses 25-year mark (

To read more of McKayla Lee's article, please click here. Decades of government policies aimed at forcibly assimilating Native Americans, guided by the notion of “kill the Indian and save the man,” included generations of Indigenous children ripped away from their families and placed in boarding schools, where speaking their language was forbidden. The cumulative result was the severe diminishment and, at times, complete loss of Indigenous languages across North America. That legacy set the...

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Do you know an older Oregonian (60+) who has struggled to find addiction treatment and/or recovery supportive housing in Oregon due to their age? Maybe you have? Or do you have a family member over 60 who you have tried to help find the support they need to recover from addiction? Oregon Recovers and AGE+ are conducting a study on behalf of the Oregon Health Authority, evaluating substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services and supportive housing resources for older Oregonians. We are...Read More...
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