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Phoenix Rising in Resilience (AZ)

We are an online collaborative dedicated to raising awareness about ACEs, trauma-informed practice, and resilience-building in the greater Phoenix area. Given the unique history of this city and region, Phoenix Rising will explore personal and historical sources of trauma.

A New Year

As the new year approaches, many individuals are beginning to make resolutions. Rather it be for improved health, weight loss goals, or simply to become better at a specific task or career goal. As you make way for your new year’s resolution, we want to make certain that you are making goals achievable, specifically foe you. Here are a few resolutions that can help you get started on your journey toward success.

1. Make a resolution to remain physically healthy and active. This is not to say you are to cut out your faves, just aim to move more and worry less.

2. Improve organizational skills. Take one day at a time, and arrange tasks from most important to least important.

3. Make more time to be with the ones you love. Scheduling the extra one on one time can be effective in creating long and lasting positive relationships.

4. Release negative energy, and invite positivity into your life. Speak peace, blessings, or positive affirmations to get yourself going each day.

5. Aim to travel more, and make the time to plan ahead for additional savings.

6. Save more money.

7. Work smarter, not harder.

8. Value yourself as a person, no matter how the outside world envisions you. You’ve come this far as a confident individual, make rook for what you truly deserve.

9. Listen more. Begin learning the value of effective and meaningful communications. Listen to understand, simply not to respond.

10. Treat yourself. Work smarter, faster, and remain content in all circumstances. Your reward is to come.

These are just a few tips to get your new year started off. May your year be filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity.

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