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Good afternoon everyone,


My name is Luke Butler, and I am just entering the Philadelphia ACES Connection community after attending the ACEs and Education meet-up this past Tuesday. I am a current graduate student in Penn's Master's in Public Health program, and my main focus in learning how to help improve the climate of children's behavioral and mental health from a public health perspective.


This upcoming semester I am taking an advanced research methods course which is designed for students to learn how to conduct a secondary data analysis with a dataset they identify and bring to class, then present their findings in both a manuscript and presentation. Currently, the most relevant available datasets I have found are the National Survey of Children's Health and the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. While these datasets would be fine to use for this class, if possible I'd like to find something that includes variables more closely related to the children's mental/behavioral health/ACEs realm to use. 


After hearing about this group on Tuesday, it seemed like an ideal place to ask for any additional resources. So I am wondering- does anyone know of any available datasets that I could use for this class that focus on children's mental/behavioral health variables? If not, are there any directions that anyone could point me in where I could do further investigation on my own?


Thank you very much, and I am excited to be a part of this community!





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