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A video of a Dad apparently abusing his daughter in a  department store is bringing attention to the question of when it is appropriate for observers to intervene.  

I've been asked to write a post on this for the Healthy Kids blog at and think it would be most meaningful to include quotes from Philly area colleagues.  

Want to share a brief, quotable thought ? Please reply  by Friday and  include  your name and title  if the editors  use your comment.  

Thank you!

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Public shaming of a child is worse than  a physical beating. I have to stay away from Little League Football games because of what I observe. Parents just don't understand. I gave parents of a child I treated for  physical injury at a game my ACEs/Resilience handout (6 pages). It's tough to look away and we shouldn't.

Peter Chiavetta, Fire Chief Farnham Volunteer Fire Dept.

Advocate for Trauma Informed Care, The protest against the conformity to a life we are lead to believe is ours.

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