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Working with Discomfort in the Body-Mind: 5/26/21

Working with Discomfort in the Body-Mind: 5/26/21

Who is this for?

Open to anyone who wishes to attend.

This virtual series is especially hoped to reach community members and organizations who through their work are involved with those affected by the opioid crisis in Philadelphia. This Resiliency Series is designed to support our community as it does its work and to help everyone take care of themselves .

About the mindfulness tools sessions

Register here to select the sessions that you want to attend. There are five sessions in this series. All are virtual and held on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Working with Discomfort in the Body-Mind: 5/26/21
In this session, we will explore the body-mind connection and how regular mindfulness practices may help us work more skillfully with discomfort or dysregulation.

Planting Positive Seeds: 6/2/21
In this session we will explore mindfulness practices, like cultivating loving-kindness, that build positive states of mind by planting seeds for appreciation, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Exploring Daily Activities: 6/16/21
In this session we will practice integrating mindfulness into everyday life by focusing on daily activities with greater attention, focus and kindness. This practice expands our ability to slow down and stay centered in the present moment and brings greater appreciation for our everyday experiences.

About the Facilitator
Monica Sullivan, MEd. - Educator. Advocate. Coach. Monica has devoted her career to working with children and families as well as the organizations that support them. She incorporates creativity into her training sessions, along with a strong focus on wellness-based activities (like yoga) and mindfulness. Monica is dedicated to integrating brain science and body-based practices into her innovative on-site training sessions. Monica is also a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) facilitator and yoga teacher. She is also a certified instructor of the Community Resilience Model Β©, a body-based model to restore balance and encourage optimism and hope. She seeks ways to integrate these reflective practices in her work with organizations to promote trauma responsive environments that build staff and client resilience. When she’s not assisting Philadelphia organizations to become more trauma-informed, Monica enjoys cooking and baking, being outside, making art and reading.

This program is funded in part by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health

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