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New Philadelphia mural brings childhood trauma into view []


Children's Crisis Treatment Center, a leader in the Philadelphia ACE Task Force and trauma-informed movement, unveiled a powerful new mural which highlights their approach to providing trauma-informed therapeutic services for children and families. 

A fanciful and colorful vision now adorns a Philadelphia office building, but its message is intended to bring more awareness to the serious issue of childhood trauma.

Mural Arts Philadelphia and the city’s behavioral health department Tuesday dedicated the new mural covering both sides of the building across Delaware Avenue from the SugarHouse Casino.

Its north side depicts a dreamscape of a theater production: A row boat made of a crescent moon floats on a watery stage, framed by a sunny, glowing backdrop and curtains made of flowers. On the other side of the building, its companion mural offers just as much whimsy, but it’s a look behind the scenes: A young girl pulls at puppet strings, showing the inner workings of the performance.

The mural represents the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center’s approach to working with kids with trauma, said Tony Vades, executive director of the center located in the building. Counselors help kids set the stage, so to speak, so that they can succeed in life despite the challenges that trauma poses.

“What ends up happening often — without treatment, without healing, without care — is that this stuff spreads,” said Valdes. “So now you have a whole family that’s been exposed to trauma — you have a whole neighborhood, a whole community.”

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