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Michigan ACEs Action (MI)

Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

Hi Fellow ACE prevention and Community Resilience Building Advocates across the state of Michigan.  

I have some basic questions.

I am doing my best working through an organization called MiTeam of Huron-Tuscola counties.  (If anyone is associated with the Genessee/Lapeer County MiTeam on this page, could you send me a private message? I would like to see how you are approaching this subject and working across silos.) 

We need to develop "curriculum" or "training" (I put these words in quotations because for me - I prefer "we need to learn how to effectively disseminate this important information" to others.   (I have had the experience that one goes to a training and then is trauma-informed.)

In this circumstance - we want to build a 2 hour trauma presentation for the school teachers professional inservice day and possible another for school psychologists.  I have stressed that I believe that the basis for this "training" must be on ACEs - Toxic Stress - Epigenetics - Resilience Building and  the physiological changes to brain and body and the phenotypic behavioral changes we may see in children with such exposures - whether judged by society as either bad or good.    I am not sure if I am being heard quit as clearly as I would like so I want to ask for input. 

Need to do the same for our Local Police Officers.  So need help and input here also.  

Need to do a 10 minute short presentation for  Youth for Christ, Soccer/T-Ball Coaches ETC (general public information)

I am working with service agencies - DHHS / Community Mental Health and Schools/Social Workers and others.  

am a bit more grassroots in the work that I want to do so  I wanted to ask others across the state of Michigan how they are approaching this. I don' t believe we can be successful unless we really base this on a sound foundation of ACEs and Toxic Stress and adding how we can build resilience in ourselves and our communities. 

1 more question - Is it okay if we rename this group Michigan ACEs and not Northern Michigan ACEs?

Also - I am going to start putting more information about things I see going on in Michigan on this page.  I am generally left out in the dark so I probably don't know a lot of what is going on.   I haven't been posting because I have kind of felt like I would be seen as an uninformed because I know that a lot of what I may post, others in the state and in this group are already working on.  This makes me feel ashamed but even if I feel ashamed and I am presenting your work as best I can - I feel someone has to do this.  There are others in our state who care about this especially in rural communities and we want and need this information too.  Please everyone, as best as you are able, can you share your work in Michigan with the rest of us.  From the bottom of my heart.......

Thank You Tina (Dr. Hahn)

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Hello Michigan:  I am part of the Master Trainer Statewide initiative to Address ACE's .  Check out 

We have a lot of trainers that are willing to come to your area. 

We have started a cross-sector Trauma Champions Network in our county.  With the mission of developing a trauma informed community.   There is a lot happening here to support the mission. Come join us some day we meet the second Monday of the month at 8:15 at Montcalm Care Network in Stanton Mi.  

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