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Register now for "Building the Movement with Coalitions", presented by the Campaign for Trauma-informed Policy and Practice, PACEs Connection, and the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives


Please register now at this link to reserve your spot.

You’re invited to participate in Building the Movement with Coalitions, the first of eight remarkable workshops featured in the series, “Building a National Movement to Prevent Trauma and Foster Resilience”. The first half-day workshop will occur virtually on January 7th from 1-5pm ET/10am-2pm PT. It focuses on the history and future of the movement and building community-owned, trauma-informed, prevention-focused, and healing-centered initiatives. The half-day convening comprises a panel presentation on coalitions around the country that have been successful in implementing trauma science. The session also features presentations from Denni Fishbein, Jane Stevens, Dan Press, Kelly Graves, Leslie Lieberman, and Kim Rodgers. Please register now at this link to reserve your spot.

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The panels will describe successful programs in each sector, advise on how to access and discuss trauma-informed work with decision makers in each sector and with community stakeholders, and will direct participants to resources that support implementing policies and practices based on the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences. There will also be opportunities for participants to share their stories of trauma and resilience to further reinforce the need for trauma-informed mindsets, systems and policies.

“Building a National Movement to Prevent Trauma and Foster Resilience” comprises a series of eight virtual workshops held every two weeks from January 7, 2022, through April 15, 2022. The half-day workshops are designed to provide information and tools for community coalitions to integrate trauma-informed, resilience-focused and healing-centered approaches into their local systems. These include child welfare, education, health care, justice and faith-based systems. Themes across all sectors include diversity, equity and inclusion; racial justice; community voice; a cross-sector approach; opportunities for youth; individual, families, and communities. The goal is to reduce individual, organizational and community exposure to trauma, particularly in underserved and marginalized populations. People with experience in relevant areas will lead each session for participants, which include community stakeholders, practitioners and administrators.

The series is presented by the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice, the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives, and PACEs Connection. It is co-sponsored by the National Youth Employment Coalition, the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities, the University of North Carolina Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, the Kellin Foundation, Penn State College of Health and Human Development, and the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center.

Here’s the workshop schedule:

January 7 — State of the Movement and Future of the Movement with Jane Stevens and Dan Press; Building the Movement with Community Coalitions. Paul Abernathy, Colleen Bridger, Jennifer Brinkmann, Mandy Davis, and Dave Ellis will lead a discussion on community and state coalitions doing trauma-informed work. They will address the question: How do we bring people together around trauma science to influence positive change for all?

More information on the following sessions is forthcoming on the website and in follow-up announcements.

January 21 — Building the Movement in Education and Healthcare

February 4 — Building the Movement with Child Welfare and Justice Systems

February 18 — Building the Movement through Transformative Justice and Faith-Based Communities

March 4 — Building the Movement with Populations with High Prevalence of Trauma

March 18 — Building the Movement with Foundations and the Private Sector

April 1 — Building the Movement to Address Global Crises

April 15 — Building the Movement through Policy and Advocacy

For more information about the first session, contact Jesse Kohler, For details about the conference in general, go to the conference website or contact Kohler.Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 12.24.01 PM

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