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California PACEs Connection initiatives spark new connections in regional meeting

Among PACEs Connection initiatives around the country, it’s well known that our social network is something like a bustling, giant town square where people share ideas, resources and any number of conversations about how to prevent childhood adversity and promote positive childhood experiences. On May 14, PACEs Connection assembled a virtual town square gathering of PACEs initiatives in California, where we have 58 initiatives sparking action all across the state. Speakers at the gathering,...

Webinar explores Oregon bill declaring racism a public health crisis

For anyone who thinks Oregon — long regarded as a liberal, progressive state — was a welcoming place for Blacks and other minorities in the past, a recent webinar sponsored by Oregon health care organizations was a chilling wake-up call. In June 1844, Oregon’s provisional government passed its first Black Exclusionary Act , with language stating that any Black person who set foot in Oregon “would be publicly whipped 39 lashes.” From that time forward, Oregon, like most states, amassed its...

Childcare providers use two- generational approach to help preschoolers from being expelled

It’s shocking: Preschoolers are three times more likely to be expelled than children in elementary, middle and high school, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Boys are four times more likely than girls to be kicked out, and African American children are twice as likely as Latinx and White children. One organization with childcare centers and mental health providers in Kentucky and Ohio began a long journey 15 years ago, when they began hearing about...

Policing in schools: Redefining public safety to be supportive & healing, instead of punitive & criminalizing

A recent video , shared on the national news, shows a 16-year-old Florida student being slammed to the ground by a police officer working at her school. It’s one of many such incidents of school-based police violence against students captured in videos around the country. Some of the victims are as young as five years old. About 47% of U.S. schools employ armed police officers , known as school resource officers, who are there to keep students safe. But students who attend these schools...

New ACEs Aware Training Activity - Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health: Addressing the Impact of ACEs, Toxic Stress and Intergenerational Trauma (TWO DAY TRAINING) WEDNESDAY, MAY 19th & THURSDAY, MAY 20th 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM __________ PLEASE NOTE: This training was created with providers in mind BUT anyone interested in maternal mental health will benefit from the training. *These training activities are available at no cost to participants thanks to a grant through ACEs Aware* SIGN UP TODAY...

To solve the Black maternal mortality crisis, start with upending racist practices

It’s been all over the news for months: Black women in the United States are dying from complications during their pregnancies or in childbirth at alarming rates, and those deaths are preventable. Less well explored is how systemic racism and historical trauma have been at the core of what’s driven up these rates over several decades. A March 20 conference entitled The Impact of ACEs on Black Maternal Health took an in-depth look into why Black maternal mortality and complications during...

NEW TRAINING ACTIVITY RELEASED - SHARING THE SCORE: Responding to an ACEs Questionnaire with Empathy and Care

NEW TRAINING ACTIVITY RELEASED SHARING THE SCORE: Responding to an ACEs Questionnaire with Empathy and Care ______________________________ ACES AWARE We are honored to join The ACEs Aware Initiative, funded and led by the Office of the California Surgeon General and the Department of Health Care Services, which hopes to lead a nationwide movement to significantly improve health and well-being in our communities by providing trainings to Medi-Cal providers and the networks of human serving...

HOPE Summit speakers show how positive childhood experiences offset adversity

The Rev. Darrell Armstrong, pastor of the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey, is an accomplished man. He graduated from Stanford University in public policy and went on to get his master’s degree in divinity studies at Princeton. As a former director in the New Jersey Department of Human Services, he was responsible for New Jersey’s statewide strategy for preventing child abuse and neglect. Armstrong has also worked as an entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, and radio host.

'Tell your story': Napa graduate overcame obstacles, will speak at nonprofit ceremony []

By Jennifer Huffman, Napa Valley Register, April 9, 2021 For students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who have endured trauma, the instinct to keep that history private can be strong. Yet David Diaz has some advice. “Tell your story,” said Diaz. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences because they might make a difference. [ Please click here to read more .]

Youth Detention Facility finds culture of kindness more effective than punishment

A corner of the Multi-Sensory De-escalation Room, All MSDR photos courtesy of Valerie Clark When a young person enters the de-escalation room in the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility , they’ll find dimmed lights, bottles of lavender, orange and other essential oils, an audio menu featuring the rush of ocean waves and other calming sounds, along with squeeze balls, TheraPutty, jigsaw puzzles, and an exercise ball to bounce on. TheraPutty, squeeze balls and more Sometimes, with a...

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