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Minnesota ACEs Action: A Trauma-Informed Network (MN)

We share information and exchange ideas related to adverse childhood experiences, trauma and resilience that lead to practical and community-centered solutions in Minnesota.


Season 3 of the Remembering Resilience podcast is now live on podcast platforms!

We are excited to announce that Season 3 of the Remembering Resilience podcast is now live on podcast platforms! This podcast explores NEAR* Science, Historical Trauma, and ways Indigenous communities and individuals in Minnesota are creating and Remembering Resilience. *NEAR refers to neurobiology, epigenetics, adverse childhood experiences, and resilience In Season 3, Remembering Resilience podcast hosts Susan Beaulieu, Briana Matrious, and Linsey McMurrin continue to explore stories of...

Save the Date! Virtual Growing Resilient Communities Gathering - June 18th

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th for the 7th Annual Growing Resilient Communities Gathering of Collaboratives and Tribal Nations Addressing ACEs! The 7th Annual Growing Resilient Communities Gathering is a free, virtual event that supports tribal community members and partners and Children’s Mental Health and Family Services Collaboratives as they work to reduce ACEs, strengthen core protective systems, and create self-healing communities across Minnesota. The primary audience for this event...

A Midwestern hub joins the short list of U.S. cities with an all-female City Council (

To read more of Adrienne Broaddus' article, please click here. ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota’s state Capitol will soon be home to a distinction that few American cities can boast : an all-female City Council. The seven women that will be sworn in next month as council members are all under the age of 40, and six are women of color. Mitra Jalali, Rebecca Noecker and Nelsie Yang won their re-election races in November and will be joined by Saura Jost, Anika Bowie, Hwa Jeong Kim and Cheniqua...

The Hidden Biases of Good People: Implicit Bias Awareness Training

The Dibble Institute is pleased to present an introductory webinar by Rev. Dr. Bryant T. Marks Sr. of the National Training Institute on Race and Equity , which will provide foundational information on implicit bias. It will focus at the individual level and discuss how implicit bias affects everyone. Strategies to reduce or manage implicit bias will be discussed. Broadly speaking, group-based bias involves varying degrees of stereotyping (exaggerated beliefs about others), prejudice...

PACEs Connection presents the "Historical Trauma in America" series

PACEs Connection's Race & Equity Workgroup will be examining historical trauma in the United States of America and its impact on American society in a series of virtual discussions. This series will highlight each unique region within the United States and outline how unresolved historical trauma has impacted every aspect of American life and directly shapes the socio-political landscape of today as well as the overall well-being of Americans. Discussions will make connections between...

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