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PACEsConnectionCommunitiesMinnesota ACEs Action: A Trauma-Informed Network (MN)

Minnesota ACEs Action: A Trauma-Informed Network (MN)

We share information and exchange ideas related to adverse childhood experiences, trauma and resilience that lead to practical and community-centered solutions in Minnesota.

Growing Resilient Communities: Annual Gathering of Collaboratives and Tribal Nations Addressing ACEs


Join us in three weeks for our free, virtual Annual Growing Resilient Communities Gathering!

This event develops and implements community-wide approaches to Building Self-Healing Communities. Participants are encouraged to attend who are involved, or want to be involved in, addressing the root causes of childhood adversity: this can include Collaborative, tribal, and other community partners, such as health, law enforcement, education, social services, parents, businesses, and nonprofit service organizations.

Learn more about the sessions in the attached program, and register today!


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