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Marion County Awarded PAXIS Social Emotional Learning Grant for Educators


Pacific Source CCO has awarded Marion County HHS Prevention Team, in coordination with Polk County, area school districts, and Willamette Education Service District (WESD), a Community Benefits Initiative (CBI) grant. These partners are coordinating to reach 400 educators and students through training and curriculum on the PAXIS Institute- Good behavior game (PAX GBG).

PAX GBG creates changes in behavior, extends self-regulation, and improves social-emotional learning in students. Given the new challenges we face in our community, this intervention would:

  • Provide training as classrooms adjust to virtual learning;
  • Manage the stress of economic and health challenges families have shared;
  • Add to the skill base of educators across the learning spectrum to meet these challenges with upstream, prevention efforts.

PAX GBG not only improves classroom management, but it provides students with protection against the future risk of substance abuse in adulthood and death by suicide, increases the likelihood that students continue education and graduate high school, and provides students with the skills they need to mange social and emotional regulation. These protective factors are vital for our community at this time, especially after COVID-19 and the wildfires changed our daily routines. Learn more at

If you are an educator, or someone who works with youth and are interested in learning more about PAX GBG, the Prevention team is be excited to connect with you. Please email us at

Thank you to all the residents in our region working together to improve the health of students and families, and for caring for our educators who care for them. And thank you to our local CCO for investing in a collaborative, upstream, evidenced based, public health intervention to empower our community as we rebuild and adjust to life together.   

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