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Any Exercise Alleviates Depression


A wonderful new study from the British Medical Journal just confirmed that any amount of exercise helps to alleviate depression. This is good news! As many of you know, people who grow up with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are at higher risk for chronic conditions like depression.

The researchers found that exercise like walking or jogging, yoga and strength training were more effective than other kinds of exercise. However, any activity is better than no activity! Reducing our risk of depression or improving our mood if we currently experience depression does a lot to help our physical and mental wellbeing.

When it is rainy and wet in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, many folks turn to malls as an indoor spot to walk safely. Or grab your umbrella and rainboots and a friend and enjoy the elements! There are also many gyms that offer promotional rates during this time of year. Or you can purchase a "walking pad" online, if you prefer to exercise at home.

One of my favorite ways to get more movement in my day is to hike, when the weather permits. What is one of your favorite ways to work out? If you'd like, share in the comments below.

To read the study, head over to Exercise for the treatment of depression | The BMJ

As always, if you or someone you know if struggling, please reach out to a friend and/or there is the new mental health crisis hotline *988. You are not alone.

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