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40 Acres and a School - Fundraising for Black Liberation in New England States

I am a member of Done for DiDi: White Labor Collective - an international direct giving collective instructed by Black women and non-men organizers and executed by a network of white labor. We are redistributing white wealth - money, land, time, skills, and resources - to Black women and non-men. I’m sharing with your group the opportunity to participate and amplify an incredible campaign called 40 Acres and a School. The project is led by DiDi Delgado and Black Marginalized Genders (MaGes).

New Weaver Awards Will Help Build a Stronger Baltimore []

A short application and a few neighbor recommendations is all it takes to apply for one of Baltimore’s Weaver awards. We could use your advice. How would you find and support the folks who are quietly showing up for neighbors, building connections and solving problems in their communities? Here’s one approach we are piloting. In partnership with M&T Bank, we are offering Weaver Awards in Baltimore City. These are $7000 grants to support everyday people and community groups who are...

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