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Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative (IL)

The Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative is a broad range of multi-sectoral stakeholders committed to expanding the understanding of trauma and ACEs and their impact on the health and well-being of Illinois children, families, communities, and systems. Through advocacy and mobilization efforts, we work to put the issues of ACEs, trauma, and resilience on the forefront of health equity in Illinois.

Black Illinois car mechanic outraged after finding racist 'Blackface doll' slipped in his toolbox: report (


Image: © provided by RawStory A racist figurine left in a mechanic's toolbox (Screen cap via KMOV).

On Friday, KMOV reported that a Black auto mechanic in St. Clair County, Illinois is alleging a coworker slipped a racist figurine into his toolbox.

"The African American mechanic says a white doll’s face desecrated in Blackface was put in his toolbox at America’s Auto Center in Centreville," reported KMOV's Melanie Johnson. "'The doll was all white and they painted the face black,' Donovan Hickman, the victim, said. 'The initials WP was on it which stands for white power.'"

The practice of blackface has a long and ugly, history dating back to just after the Civil War era, with white actors painting their faces black in minstrel shows to dehumanize and stereotype Black people.

According to the report, America's Auto Center "says they are investigating what happened and has implemented sensitivity training for all employees."

To read more of Matthew Chapman's article, please click here.

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