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Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative (IL)

The Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative is a broad range of multi-sectoral stakeholders committed to expanding the understanding of trauma and ACEs and their impact on the health and well-being of Illinois children, families, communities, and systems. Through advocacy and mobilization efforts, we work to put the issues of ACEs, trauma, and resilience on the forefront of health equity in Illinois.

Program updates from the Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative April 2019



Welcome to our April newsletter! This month, we are busy making plans for Illinois' inaugural Trauma-Informed Awareness Day coming up on May 15.

The Collaborative commends the State of Illinois on this recognition of the impact of trauma and early adversity on individuals, families, and communities. Trauma-Informed Awareness Day was established via the recent adoption of SR 99.

Sponsored by State Senators Julie A. Morrison, Laura Ellman, Elgie R. Sims, Jr., and Laura M. Murphy, SR 99 recognizes the impact of ACEs and other forms of trauma on long-term health outcomes. In addition to establishing Trauma-Informed Awareness Day, the resolution promotes two other important strategies: 1) that policy decisions enacted by the state legislature should take into account early childhood brain development and the concepts of toxic stress, early adversity, and buffering relationships, and 2) that officers, agencies, and employees of the State of Illinois whose responsibilities impact children and adults should learn about ACEs, toxic stress, and structural violence, as well as about trauma-informed care practices that promote healing and resiliency.   

The Senate’s focus on intervention and investment during early childhood is important for the wellbeing of all people across the state. We also look forward to seeing the House adopt a similar resolution under the leadership of State Representative Karina Villa. You can support Representative Villa’s resolution by submitting a witness slip here or click here for instructions.

We are working to make May 15th a meaningful day that recognizes the work our partners are doing across the state and mobilizes new stakeholders to join our efforts. We are encouraging all of our members to get involved, and we are highlighting some of the ways that you can do that in this newsletter.

Is your organization marking the day with its own event or action? Tell us how HERE.   

You can view our full newsletter, and all the great events happening throughout Illinois HERE.

Thank you,
The Illinois ACEs Response Collaborative


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