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Ripple Effects of Hitting the Debt Ceiling []

By The HOPE Team, 1/26/23, Recent news has focused on the U.S. hitting its debt ceiling , which makes it harder for the federal government to meet financial obligations. The discussion often turns to whether Congress will make changes to Medicare and Social Security in response. Although the political landscape around this issue can be polarizing, one thing is certain, supporting children and families and promoting access to positive childhood...

Honoring Dr. King with Anti-racist Policy []

By, The HOPE Team, 1/17/23, This week, we are reflecting the life and work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., starting with observing the holiday on Monday. Dr. King was a multi-faceted leader, with far-reaching impacts, including policy advocacy. Those of us who work in child and family services are familiar with how much children need the concrete supports that stabilize family life. Throughout his life, Dr. King advocated for concrete...

2023 HOPE Summit - Workshop Highlights []

By Laura Gallant, 1/12/23, The 3 rd Annual HOPE Summit – Practicing HOPE will take place online, March 29-30. Register now to get $50 off the regular ticket price, this special ends Sunday, January 15 th . During the two-day Summit , attendees will get to select two of the over 15 workshops offered. All workshops will also be recorded and available to watch after the summit for attendees only. These workshops range from topics like, applying HOPE...

Relationship Commitments Guide for Self-Reflection, Development, and Practice

I'm excited to share a project I recently completed! You can visit to access the guide, Relationship Commitments template with example, and a supporting tool to explore your past, present, and desired future beliefs. Categories on the template include topics such as dealbreakers, core values, relationship values, love languages (giving and receiving), priorities, personal agreements, and more. Who is this for? Anyone, really! Whether you practice...

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