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HOPE Team Featured in The Hill: Policies that support families reduce child abuse []

By Allison Stephens and Bob Sege, 6/22/22, Many people, especially those who work in the child welfare system, expected a dramatic increase in child abuse when COVID-19 hit. After all, everything was disrupted, children and their parents were out of school and work, and people were physically isolated from each other. As far as we can tell, there was not a child abuse epidemic. Perhaps the emergency supports offered during the pandemic worked. If...

HOPE on Father's Day []

By Allison Stephens, 6/17/22, Fathers are an important part of family life and contribute significantly to child development. This Father’s Day, the HOPE National Resource Center is celebrating the impact that fathers can have on access to positive childhood experiences, even though fathers often go unrecognized. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s #Dadication campaign lets us hear directly from fathers about their relationships...

Celebrating Juneteenth and Father's Day with HOPE []

By John Verdejo, 6/16/22, Sunday, June 19 th is a day of celebrating both freedom and fathers. In part, Juneteenth honors Black children and families, including fathers, who were separated from each other during Slavery. The freedom to have a family and to raise children is fundamental to HOPE. Although racism still affects the ability for Black families to access the Four Building Blocks equitably, the team at the HOPE National Resource Center...

HOPE Celebrates Pride with a New Resource []

By Allison Stephens, 6/9/22, Happy Pride Month! The HOPE National Resource Center is joining the national celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride. HOPE is about meeting the needs of all children and families , including those that identify as LGBTQ+. While we celebrate, we also acknowledge that children and families in the LGBTQ+ community can experience both bias and racism. These Adverse Community Experiences can make it harder for LGBTQ+ families to enjoy...

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