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Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES) Hawai‘i
He ‘a‘ali‘i kū makani mai au; ‘a‘ohe makani nāna e kūla‘i.
I am a wind-withstanding ‘a‘ali‘i; no wind can topple me over.

August 2023

Massive mental health toll in Maui wildfires: 'They've lost everything' []

Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen Jr. visits a distribution center at Lahaina Crossing. A deadly wildfire destroyed the city of Lahaina, Maui. Deanne Fitzmaurice for NPR By Eric Westervelt, National Public Radio (NPR), August 21, 2023 The scale of the physical damage in the historic center of Lahaina is clear in its apocalyptic landscape of rubble, ash and debris. But the scale of the inner damage can be seen in the 5-year-old girl that Maui's chief mental health administrator John Oliver saw...

Centering Indigenous Leadership in Maui’s Fire Recovery (

To listen to Sonali Kolhatkar's interview with Kaniela Ing, please click here. More than a hundred people have so far been documented to have died in the devastating wildfires that swept the Hawaiian island of Maui, making it one of the deadliest such disasters in United States history . Federal agencies are pledging assistance even as survivors are desperately looking for loved ones and struggling to find lodging and other necessities. The historic town of Lahaina in particular has been...

Emotionally Supporting Young Children During and After Natural Calamities: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers:

Natural calamities and crises, like the current wildfires on Maui and Hawaiʻi Island, can deeply affect our keiki's physical, social, and emotional well-being. During these trying times, it's essential for parents and caregivers to provide effective emotional support. This blog post is dedicated to helping our keiki navigate the challenges posed by such events. With their limited life experiences and heightened emotions, children require special care to help them feel safe, secure, and...

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