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Emerging from the pandemic- Raising awareness in our early learning environments

This is a great article to raise awareness both language and social emotional development for our early learners and their 'ohana. The mask mandate (I am an advocate for wearing a mask) could potential stunt the socio-emotional growth of a child. This is why it is so important for parents in the safety of the home, help their keiki with the learning and reading of social and emotional cues. Early childhood educators should consider providing resources to caregivers to help families with...

Awareness . . . Policy & Action!

This is a great article that highlights the need to addresses the need for awareness and to grow mental health practices in Hawai'i. The article mentions the five-year Infant and Early Childhood Behavioral Health (IECBH) Plan that integrates mental health and trauma-informed care into the health and early learning systems throughout the state. A cross-sector approach to building wellness and resilience is definitely trauma-informed. Mahalo to Justina Acevedo-Cross and Erin Henderson Lacerdo...

CRI Resilience Showcase Conference 6/29 & 39

May is, "Mental Health Wellness" month. I will be showcasing conferences and professional development opportunities that address mental health awareness by addressing and building wellness. The amazing folks at the Community Resilience Initiative are putting on their 7th annual Paper Tigers Conference. It is a virtual event that features experts from across the nation (including Hawai'i speakers) who are building wellness and resilience in their states. To register click on this link .

Kahewai Summit

Aloha, We are having our 2nd Annual "Kahewai 0-5 Wellness and Resilience Summit on Thursday April This conference is for the 0-5 providers (Family Childcare, Family Child Interactive Learning, Home Visiting and Center-based care). Our theme this year is, "Hā" or "breath." The pandemic has been challenging for all of us, this virtual conference will focus on three types of breath: - "Catching our breath." We have been through the "COVID" sprints and we simply need to breath to restore...

Ask the Community

Daniel Goya

Kōkua for the ʻohana during COVID-19- Ask one of our community experts

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Aloha, This is an incredibly stressful time and we know of the challenges our nā ʻohana is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACH- would like to provide experts in the community as a valued resource so that questions and concerns in topics such as parenting , child development, behavioral concerns, trauma or advice in coping COVID-19 can be safely addressed. No one will be judged, no question will be scrutinized, we are all here for one another. It is ACHʻs pleasure to have Shannon Flynn...Read More...
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