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Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES) Hawai‘i
He ‘a‘ali‘i kū makani mai au; ‘a‘ohe makani nāna e kūla‘i.
I am a wind-withstanding ‘a‘ali‘i; no wind can topple me over.

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Registration open! Kahewai Summit a TIC conference for 0-5 providers

Aloha- registration is open for the 3rd annual Kahewai TIC Summit (April 20-21, 2023) a virtual summit that equips community members with trauma-informed care strategies that strive to build wellness and resilience. The conference is generously sponsored by the Department of Health and the Hawai'i Community Foundation. Kahewai is also fortunate to have the amazing staff at HAIS (Hawai'i Association of Independent Schools) to once again run the summit. Please sign up and PACES Connection...

"Save the Date" 3rd annual Kahewai TIC Summit for 0-5 providers!

We are thrilled to announce the 3rd annual Kahewai Summit TIC conference for 0-5 providers! Please "Save the Date" for our 4/21-22 /2023 virtual gathering. Last year, over 400 people attending the Kahewai Summit. Are you interested in presenting? In the embedded link, there is a "call for proposals" please share this information to your fellow providers or contact speakers that youʻve enjoyed in the past and want to see present. There are three Summit tracks, each aligned to the audience...

"Religion and Culture as a Protective Factor" Two-part post- Post One of Two

*Disclaimer* This post may trigger some readers, this is NOT my intent. The next two series of posts will focus on “Religion and Culture” as protective factors. This post will focus on “Faith/Religion.” My ACE score is a six and my Benevolent Childhood Experiences (BCE) score is a seven. One BCE question reads, “Did you have beliefs that gave you comfort?” Two youth pastors were highly influential non-adult relatives that provided guidance, shelter, and comfort during highly volatile points...

Calming apps for children . . . be sure they are age-appropriate

A study published in the JAMA Network on Pediatric research, dated December 12, 2022, found that mobile devices for calming children ages 0-5 decreased executive functioning and increased emotional reactivity (particularly with boys ages 3-5 and keiki with higher tempermental surgency). There are many apps and resources, many that are free that can teach and coach self-regulation, just be sure that they are age and developmentally appropriate. There are many calming activities that we can do...

Ask the Community

Daniel Goya

Kōkua for the ʻohana during COVID-19- Ask one of our community experts

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Aloha, This is an incredibly stressful time and we know of the challenges our nā ʻohana is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACH- would like to provide experts in the community as a valued resource so that questions and concerns in topics such as parenting , child development, behavioral concerns, trauma or advice in coping COVID-19 can be safely addressed. No one will be judged, no question will be scrutinized, we are all here for one another. It is ACHʻs pleasure to have Shannon Flynn...Read More...
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