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Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES) Hawai‘i
He ‘a‘ali‘i kū makani mai au; ‘a‘ohe makani nāna e kūla‘i.
I am a wind-withstanding ‘a‘ali‘i; no wind can topple me over.

May 2021

See how this UH Volleyball player is raising mental health awareness for athletes

As a setter in volleyball, Norene Iosiaʻs primary duties on the court is to help her teammates with perfectly placed sets so that they can successfully spike a volleyball. Off the court, the decorated Norene Iosia (received conference honors) is raising awareness for the need of mental health, especially in the athletic world where athletes are often told to, "push it!" or "suck it up?" or "Failure is weakness!" Click on this link to see how Iosia took to social media to raise awareness for...

Returning to the Roots of Community Resilience in Hawai‘i (

"There are four things you should know,” says David Fuertes to the youths he mentors. “You should know your origins, because your ancestors have paved the way. You should know your values and connect in those values, because that’s going to drive you to make decisions. You should know your purpose, because that will show the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. And you should envision the ultimate for yourself and your lāhui [or ‘people’].” Fuertes is the executive director of Kahua Pa’a Mua , an...

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